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We have solid evidence that can bring Akufo-Addo DOWN – NDC Lawyer


nana anufo-addo


A lawyer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has revealed some damming information that seems to puzzle the minds of citizens of Ghana home and abroad.

Speaking to the media on recent political matters, Mr Brian Asiedu mentioned that the NDC has solid evidence against sitting president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo that can even bring him out of power. Mr Brian further clarified tha the reason this particular peice of evidence has not been used is because he has not gotten the green light from Mahama  to present it to the court.

He proceeded to warn all members of the NPP to be very careful because the NDC is armed and dangerous even when in opposition.

We are in opposition for now, but guess what, its only for a while, We are coming for you Nana. Gather your political weapons and get ready to fight soon. We are not afraid of the NPP!!

Mr Brian has refused comments on what the evidence relates to ad he said that his party restricts him from saying so.

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  1. What are they waiting for you have nothing to say just keep quiet and live the man to work for as,we have hope in him and his vis .We gave you people the chance and you miss up every thing by giving our money to some people and living as under the sun of porverty and now you are there talking nothing ,he is the Moses of Ghana.
    Long live NANA
    Long live Bawumia
    Long live Ghana
    Long live NPP

  2. U hv evidence or somtin n left us in opposition?

    1. Don’t mind him he is on drugs.nkwasiasem

  3. These guys still cannot come to terms with their lost? I will advise you to save your time and efforts and use same to put your house in order and stop ranting about with ” So Called Evidence” evidence. Mere propaganda!

  4. “…These guys still cannot come to terms with their [lost]”….NPPic brofo…I can’t think far (Liwin 2016)

  5. Brian or who ever you are, my advice to you is to put up or shut up. You have nothing in our president, if you had a thing on him you would have used it during the campaign to the elections. Give us a break and stay dead. Aaba.

  6. This nigga is being stupid. Is he really a lawyer or one of those idiots.

  7. Ghanaians are fickle – minded. When Justice Kpegah told Ghanaians that Akuffo Addo is is not a lawyer but an imposter, you thought he was kidding. With the type of judiciary who in vbed with NPP, they threw it into the winds forgetting that it one resurface. Kpega knew the implications of what he was talking about. Akuffo Addo is a fake lawyer and imposter, period.

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