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Akufo-Addo is a very wicked man – Julius Debrah


Chief of Staff to the former president John Mahama, Julius Debrah has wailed of the wickedness of the sitting president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.


In an interview on an Accra Based radio station, Julius Debrah said that Akufo-Addo silently gathered hoodlums to protest on social media in opposition to the humble request of John Mahama concerning his residence after approving it publicly. He mentioned further that it was a very wicked thing to do and Akufo-Addo shows great incompetence by dong such a thing.

It can be recalled that in 2015, February, Julius Debrah was appointed Chief of Staff by President John Dramani Mahama to replace Prosper Bani after serving as the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development the one year prior.

Julius Debrah’s appointment was received with joy by members of the National Democratic Congress who had insisted on a grass-root person to occupy that office.

Updated: January 11, 2017 — 3:35 pm


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  1. Julius Debra doesn’t understand the meaning of incompetence, what is incompetence about this, is the fact that he’s made the right thing, now incompetence to Mr. Debra? Then what is competence to the ndc, I guess stealing.

  2. So will Debrah say !! Birds of the same group.
    Who at all is more incompetent than Mahama and his cliques (of wicked and very corrupt men) ?

  3. What had happened to former President H.E. J.A. Kuffour when he compleeted his term as Head of State of GHANA; he J.A.K./ treated by the Ga-Adangbe youth group, do we have short memories? Oh Ghana

  4. Yes. Nana Addo is incompetent in helping you loot the country’s resources. What kind of people are you? Could you not build a house after all you have taken from this country?

  5. U probably dnt understand competency, if His Excellency does the right thing u call it incompetency, julius debra pls pack urself ok


    Mahama is so greedy, after all he has stolen from Ghanaian doesn’t he has a place to stay. Julius i respect you, don’t use such words.

  7. Can Julius debrah recall what the ex president said to president Kuffour in 2009? Or he wasn’t the chief of staff then so did not hear. What kind of hypocrisy is this? Has president Kuffour been accommodated? Yet you idiot like you , see nothing wrong with that. Pls give us a break and allow the one Ghana has voted for to rule us with his competency. Foooooool!

    1. Is duh yhu lack manners or yhu re jux stupid

  8. He is wicked and incompetent just like you people.Attention seekers in opposition.

  9. Nana Adu-Gyamfi Kumaning(London)

    That ousted chief of staff to claim that the president is wicked is he normal?What is good for goose is also good for Deborah not ashamed of himself?Where is ex president Kufour residing n his office too?And why up till date he has not been given what is due to him as an ex president? Because president served in Burkina Faso as a President.God should punish you n your ex president Mahama the most greedy person in the whole universe.Y you people think GHANA is for you alone ? If you are dead stay quietly in your grave n we don’t any irritated n anguish words that would boil us up.

  10. Wow, i blame Rawlings who formed National Destroyer Company NDC to destroy killing, beatings, stealing, he was fighting corruption he ends up breeding people who only understand corruption. God will punish you Mr De bra not Debrah

  11. useless unpatriotic cowdungtalk—-no room for overt or covert corruption again for the next
    1000 years

  12. Julius, you are nothing but an attention seeker, just shut the fuck up and let the peoples choice rule. We all know what you, your boss and his band of thieves did to our country, you should be ashamed ex president John Mahama requested for that residence, are you people that shameless? After all your boss and his band of thieves did to this country, you still have the guts to open you filthy mouth and talk about Nana Addo? God will publish you and your boss.

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