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LADIES, Reasons Why S£x is Pa!nful for Some W0men and how to enjoy it (must read)


S£x is not meant to be painful.
However, S£x is very painful for some women, for a number of reasons including size of the pe(n)!s/v(a)g!na, health challenges and mental readiness.


Pain during or after S£x, medically termed dyspareunia, can happen during or after S£x and could be felt in the va(g)!na or the inner pelv!c region

However, all women should know that experiencing pain during or after S£x could be the body trying to say something is wrong.

The best reaction once you notice it is to see a qualified doctor.
Here are the reasons for dyspareunia:

Updated: October 30, 2016 — 4:02 pm

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